2023 x. 2 Day NODs Class November 18-19, 2023 Mulberry, FL

$ 750.00

By registering you agree to a background check. No one under age 21 can participate in classes.

Full payment ($750) is due at registration. Cancellations more than 120 days before class date are refunded 50%. Cancellations within 120 days are non-refundable or can be applied toward another class in the calendar year if available. No refunds are given if range location changes.

The 2-Day night vision course is recommended for those that have attended pistol and carbine shooting courses from a nationally known instructor. If you are uncertain or have any questions email us.


  • Mindset 
  • weapon setup
  • Helmet setup
  • IR laser setup
  • zero options for lasers
  • NODs setup (monos are fine to bring)
  • passive shooting with rifle and pistol RDS
  • safety
  • fundamentals
  • accuracy
  • targeting
  • positions
  • speed
  • manipulations
  • multiple targets
  • shooting under stress 

Some drills require physical exertion and an elevated heart rate.  Day one is typically 3pm-11pm with a short dinner break, day two is typically 5pm-11pm with no dinner break. No audio or video recording is permitted in class. Certificates are given upon completion of class.


Jtac Ranch
5300 Nichols Rd
Mulberry, FL 33547


  • eye and ear pro
  • helmet or Crye night cap
  • NODs and spare batteries
  • IR Laser with spare batteries (if you have a civ legal IR laser that isn't a MAWL its highly recommended you have an IR flashlight on your rifle)
  • pistol with RDS (not necessary to take class)
  • sharpie marker
  • pen/paper or phone for notes
  • med kit (Templar Medical)
  • 800 rounds of rifle ammo, 200 rounds of pistol ammo
  • Serviceable guns with at least 3 magazines per
  • gun maintenence kit 
  • seasonal clothing
  • water/food