Carbine Shooting Tests

Defoor Proformance Carbine Hat Qual
Using an electronic shooting timer start standing drop to prone fire 10 rounds from 100 yds into an NRA B-8 repair center under 14 seconds and score 90 or better during a class. Three attempts only. Passing score receives a DPS hat.


Defoor Proformance Carbine Test 1: (carbine, 30 rounds) 

Target/Time: NRA B-8/ 3minutes

Start at 75run to 100y Prone 10 rounds, run to75y kneeling 8 rounds, run to 50y standing 6 rounds, run to 25y standing 4 rounds, run to 10y standing 2 rounds  Scoring: 270/300 to pass

Defoor Proformance Carbine Test 2: (carbine, 8 rounds)

100 yard rundown
Target / Time: IPSC / 1 minute

Start at 50 run to 100y kneeling 2 to body, run to 50y standing 2 to body, run to 25y standing 2 to head, run to 10y standing 2 to head

Scoring: A zone = 5 points, C zone = 3 points, D zone = 2 points Passing score is 16 points to body, 4 rounds must be in head, 2 of the 4mu st be in A zone of head

Defoor Proformance Carbine Test 3:  (carbine, 10 rounds)

Target / Time: SR42 / 2 minutes

Start at 100y, run to 200y.
Prone 2 rounds, Run to 100y, kneeling 2 rounds, Run to 50y, standing 2 rounds Run to 25y, standing 2 rounds Run to 10y, standing 2 rounds. Scoring: 80/100 to pass