No signed contracts, all on a handshake.

Below you'll find links to the USA made gear I use and abuse 300 days a year on ranges, roads and in the field worldwide.

High Desert Cartridge - quality pistol and rifle ammo made in WA that never lets me down.

Nightforce Optics- the best USA made riflescopes money can buy. I use a 1-8 ATACR as my primary do-it-all optic and a 4-20 on my bolt gun.

Staccato- USA made 2011 pistols chambered in 9mm offering supreme accuracy and the ability to shoot any round better than any other pistol. My daily carry and choice in teaching is the C2.

BCM - my choice of AR style rifles. The "KD4" is an upper I designed to optimize 77 grain Black Hills ammo after 20 plus years as a military sniper and professional shooter. BCM's Q/C is second to none in the industry.

Tenicor- holsters of choice for my company. I use the Velo for my Glock 43 and 19 when carrying concealed and the ARX for outside the waistband carry. Tenicor is at the top of the holster game with one piece deign and minimal parts as well as molding and forming that has no equal in the industry which results in great comfort.

Prometheus Design Werx- superbly made outdoor clothing. I use their shorts, pants and jackets. They have no equal when it comes to lightweight adventure clothing. All proudly made in the USA.