2024 u. 2 Day Carbine November 21-22, 2024 Castaic, CA (LEO Only)

$ 750.00


By registering you agree that you have current LEO credentials. No refunds given if creds are not valid during payment or on class date.

Full payment ($750) is due at registration. Cancellations more than 120 days before class date are refunded 50%. Cancellations within 120 days are non-refundable or can be applied toward another class in the calendar year if available. No refunds are given if range location changes.

The 2-Day rifle course is recommended for those that have attended shooting courses before or who have a thorough understanding of fundamentals and already have safe gun handling skills. If you are uncertain or have any questions email us.


  • Mindset 
  • combatives (rifle weapon retention and counter edge weapon)
  • weapon setup
  • safety
  • fundamentals
  • accuracy
  • targeting
  • positions
  • speed
  • manipulations
  • multiple targets
  • shooting under stress 

Some drills require physical exertion and an elevated heart rate. Combatives block requires moderate hands on training with others. Days are 8am-4pm. Bring snacks and water. No audio or video recording is permitted in class. Certificates are available upon completion of class.


Pitchless Detention Center, Weapons Training Range

29300 The Old Road

Castaic, CA 91384


  • eye and ear pro
  • Thai pad (if you're coming with a friend only one is needed per pair)
  • sharpie marker
  • pen/paper or phone for notes
  • med kit (Templar Medical)
  • 800 rounds of ammo
  • Serviceable gun with at least 6 magazines 
  • gun maintenence kit 
  • seasonal clothing
  • water/food